The creek: a serial like podcasts by high school students

What’s the idea of podcast? I started a podcast club on Fletcher Creek, where students can learn about podcasts and other media. I thought it would be cool to start a podcast in school so that students could get hands-on experience I was introduced into Sara’s podcast. She recommended a known podcast How did you implement it in your curriculum? I teach media, French, language, and art. The podcast is a great way to use it in several tutorials. Students not just learn how to create podcasts, but also the skills to work with social media, as we do We actively involve students. As a music teacher, I have one of my students to record this. We use the Ableton to edit the podcast, allowing students to learn technology based on technology, which is very important. Next year, we hope to upload some of the students. In addition, other classes use podcast as part of their curriculum, so these are not just classes we teach. Next year, we also hope to share a subpunishment on our website so that more teachers can use it When you first conceived this idea and told your students how they got it? : The students were confused   Casting for symbols was incredible. More than 100 students have come to their own right. There were lines up and down the hall. We have chosen 25 students to become a part of the production that is still large enough. Every Monday, as in the new episode, students can get information about what happens every Monday. Now, more students want to take part in this. How do you see this and other forms of artistic education, despite the downsizing of the government? This is very relevant. Everything’s under threat. This year we used our own equipment. And it was hard to get high-quality headphones. The school administration asked us if we needed any help. The problem is, if we follow the rules next year, there will be no extracurricular activities. We’re recording our podcast at lunch and after school Take us on a regular working day for the podcast Jeff makes numerous announcements about podcasts, so participating students do not forget Students sit with scripts and practice Scenarios were written last week. We meet them and train them. We’re trying to get them to live their character. From the first day to the last episode of the season, we found a huge difference in how students play a role. They knew how to react and what emotions should be called. The reason the protege got this role is that she was one of the few students who could have a monologue filled with emotion. We record podcasts on laptops, usually during the lunch break, while editing happens after school What makes the subject of a fictional crime so interesting to your students? You’d like to get out of other podcast genres? If so, what could they be? How do you expect the future of the podcast and other forms of artistic education? Podcasts are amazing to the school, because they’re very technologists, but it’s so low. Any student can write, create and criticize podcast through Google Scholar We had a lot of students, for example, who have behaviourial problems that we would write down a part of the podcast between pauses. It is very important to raise the students who need us the most Any recommendation to students who want to Do what you like and what you’re passionate about! You’ll be more motivated, if you do it, if you do it for you. Another thing I’d say is not to be afraid if something you’ve never done before. It’s all new to us. But the Internet is helping. Whatever the issue or the obstacle we face, there is a video of our response. Learn how to use special editing programs, how to transfer podcasts to iTunes; all of them are online. There are many resources that will help you.

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